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"For the specific application of 'direct sculpting', with a focus on creating resilient and permanent outdoor sculptures we have not found a better product than Pal Tiya Premium"

"Pal Tiya Premium is a really terrific sculpting medium".

Sir Richard Taylor --- Oscar Winner, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Weta Workshop

"Compared to the high end water based clays...It's very elastic, lots of flex, it doesn't break or shatter."  After a day of use " ...the clay was fantastic, very immediate, exciting,  kind of exhilarating."

Elijah Evenson --- Seattle based sculptor, artist & teacher

"I absolutely loved working with it. I am not a sculptor and other than playing with some clay in a high school art class this is the first time I've done anything like this. 

I love how easy it was to go back in the second or third day and add to it.

I think Pal Tiya Premium is an absolutely brilliant product.

Sandie Denton --- Tennessee based amateur artist