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Pal Tiya Premium - Standard Bag
Product shot of a Standard Bag of Pal Tiya Premium
Indication of how large a Standard Bag of Pal Tiya Premium is. (Approx 20 inches tall)

Pal Tiya Premium - Standard Bag

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Standard Bag contains approx 41.4lbs

Our recent packaging adjustments have resulted in the standard pack size being 41.4lbs. Please note due to a printing error current labels state 44lbs - this is incorrect and the standard bag is priced for 41.4lbs. 

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Pal Tiya Premium -
Add water. Knead like dough. Sculpt. Place in your garden. Cures permanently stone hard.
No firing. No Molds. No Kidding.
  • No need for a Kiln! As doesn’t need fired! Just keep the sculpture wet/moist for the first few days to cure
  • A little goes a long way - Cheap aluminium foil armatures mean that sculptures only need a layer ​of Pal Tiya Premium.
  • Can be painted with water based concrete stains or exterior paints.
  • Can be added to days, weeks and even months later by keeping the surface of any sculpture scored with a fork or sculpting tool.
  • ​It's ideal for ALL outdoor conditions – freeze thaw tested for sustained wet weathering and freezing conditions.

Be aware that Pal Tiya Premium includes fine Portland cement and sand as part of its components. Please show care in their use. Make sure you are familiar with our Safety Data Sheet and Technical Data sheet for Pal Tiya Premium.