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Freeze Thaw Tested

All Weather Proof

Premium Grade

Sculpting Medium

The Ultimate Outdoor Sculpting Material

Pal Tiya Premium

The Weatherproof Sculpting Medium For Creatives

Pal Tiya Premium cures stone-hard without firing, has considerable natural strength, and is designed for extreme outdoor conditions.

Enabling artists of every skill level, from aspiring to professional, ​to make beautiful permanent art that can stay outside all year long!

Any Shape & Size

Very Economical

Any Texture

Any Weather

Low Safety Requirements

Any Color

Perfect For Mosaic Substrates

Try Pal Tiya Premium

A Trail Pack contains 3lbs of Pal Tiya Premium, which will allow you to make all of the pieces shown in the video trailer below.

Every purchase (trial pack or standard bag) will be sent a link to these videos.
Each piece shown only uses a small amount of Pal Tiya Premium.

A trial bag contains around 4 & a quarter cups; each sculpture in thumbnail below uses from ¼ of a cup to ½ cup. So, you can make all of these or a combination of them for example: 17 ladybugs or 4 miniature bridges or 8 shells!

"Pal Tiya Premium is a really terrific sculpting medium."

- Sir Richard Taylor  -- Oscar Winner, Creative Director of Weta Workshop

"I think Pal Tiya Premium is an absolutely brilliant product."

- Sandie Denton -- Artist

"...the clay was fantastic, very immediate, exciting,  kind of exhilarating."

- Elijah Strongheart Evenson -- Sculptor